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National Budget - Supplementary Budgets

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Supplementary National Budget

Supplementary National Budget Speech (220KB)
28th September 2017
Supplementary National Budget Speech (2881KB)
25th August, 2016
Supplementary National Budget Speech (537KB)
"Sharing the Economic Growth with our people" by Hon. Don Polye, the Minister for Finance and Treasury, MP.
21 September, 2011

2010 Supplementary Budget & 2011 National Budget Speech

Supplementary & National Budget Speech (474KB)
"Building the Foundations for Economic Growth and Prosperity" by the Minister for Finance and Treasury and Public Service, Hon. Peter O'Neill, CMG, MP.
16 November, 2010

2008 Supplementary Budget

Statement - "Enhancing Growth" by Treasurer and Minister for Finance to Members of the Parliament, 23 September Download (205KB)
Bill - Additional Supplementary (Appropriation) Bill 2008 (FLC draft of 22.09.2008) Download (1.2MB)
Explanatory Notes - Additional Supplementary (Appropriation) Bill 2008 Download (661KB)

2007 Supplementary Budget

Statement - "Building National Prosperity" by Treasurer and Minister for Finance to Members of Parliament, 5 October Download (224KB)
Bills and Notes - Additional Supplementary (Appropriation) Bill Download (1.74MB)
Bills and Notes - Supplementary Appropriation (Gas Equity Trust) Bill Download (949KB)
Press Release 1 - 2007 Supplementary Budget Release Download (64KB)
Press Release 2 - Sharing The Benefits Of The Commodity Price Boom Across PNG: District Level Infrastructure Improvements Download (51KB)
Press Release 3 - Reducing The Government’s Debt To A Sustainable Level Download (58KB)
Press Release 4 - Maintaining Macroeconomic Stability Download (54KB)
Press Release 5 - Investing In The Nation: Maintenance Of Infrastructure Download (54KB)
Press Release 6 - Investing In The Nation: New Infrastructure Spending Download (58KB)
Press Release 7 -Reducing The State’s Superannuation Liability Download (48KB)


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