About Treasury

Treasury is the Papua New Guinea government’s principal economic and financial department. By maintaining a view over the entire economy, it serves the role of analysing current and future trends to anticipate and respond to changes in global conditions rapidly in order to achieve strong and equitable growth for all Papua New Guineans.

Through our sound economic analysis, we offer informed policy advice to government and facilitate effective budgetary, taxation, and structural policy, while delivering effective leadership over the future direction of economic policy of Papua New Guinea, as well as providing advice to National, Provincial and Local Governments over efficient resource management.

Our mission is to achieve our vision by:

  • Ensuring equal access to education, healthcare, and income opportunities for all citizens of Papua New Guinea.
  • Providing well-informed and influential economic policy advice and effective management of the economy.
  • Adopting a comprehensive, long-term approach that encompasses all government sectors.

Key Focus Areas:

  1. Time for Change – Taim Bilong Senis – Senisi Negana
  2. Leading the Way – Soim Rot – Dala baha dibaia
  3. Encouraging Effort – Sapotim Wok – Baha goadadia
  4. Working Together – Wok Wantaim – Gaukara Hebou

Major Functions:

  • Conduct research and offer economic advice to the government.
  • Advise the government on financial matters related to the National Budget.
  • Develop and monitor the National Budget.
  • Provide policy guidance to the government regarding finance and resource management for National Government Departments, Provincial and Local Level Government, and state-owned enterprises.

Current Budget

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