General Economic Policy Division

The General Economic Policy Division of the Papua New Guinea Treasury Department plays a crucial role in shaping and managing the country’s economic landscape. With a focus on domestic economic issues, trade, and industry policy, the division actively monitors and provides expert policy advice. It offers prudent economic and financial guidance on matters pertaining to the State Contributions to the Medical and Superannuation Funds, ensuring sound fiscal decisions.

Additionally, the division facilitates smooth and efficient superannuation payments to Nambawan Super Limited and Comrade Trustee Services Limited, ensuring that retirement benefits are handled with utmost care and timeliness.

Recognising the importance of international relationships, the division effectively manages Papua New Guinea’s engagement with international institutions and actively participates in discussions with international financing institutions and bilateral partners. It maintains a keen eye on policy development and provides valuable advice on matters concerning major aid donors and influential international economic organisations.

Furthermore, the division takes a proactive role in operationalising the Organic Law on the Sovereign Wealth Fund, ensuring the efficient implementation and management of this vital economic mechanism.

Current Budget

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