Our Minister

The Hon. Ian Ling-Stuckey, CMG MP

The Hon. Ian Ling-Stuckey is currently serving his third term in the National Parliament representing Kavieng, while also serving as the Minister for Treasury (Treasurer) of the Independent State of Papua New Guinea. Minister Ling-Stuckey joined the government on August 27, 2019, after being appointed Minister for Treasury.

Prior to his appointment to Parliament, Minister Ling-Stuckey successfully completed his tertiary education at Griffith University in Brisbane from 1978 to 1981, earning a Bachelor of Science degree focusing on Applied Mathematics and Land Use Planning. He then entered upon a successful career in business, serving as Chairman of the Monian Group of Companies, before representing Kavieng in the National Parliament.

Throughout his career, both in politics and business, Minister Ling-Stuckey has demonstrated a commitment to public service, economic development, and strategic planning. During his tenure as Treasurer, as during his National Budget Speech for 2023, he has emphasised the goals of reducing the cost of living on ordinary Papua New Guineans, of reducing government debt, and targeting spending towards frontline government workers.

Several agencies and projects report to the Minister, including the Internal Revenue Commission, Customs, Bank of Papua New Guinea, the National Economic and Fiscal Commission, Independent Advisory Group, Sovereign Wealth Fund, PNGEITI, and the Labour Mobility Unit. 

Current Budget

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